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Elke Bruner Ammann,
  born in March 1968 
  grew up in Greifenburg/ 
​  Austria
  married, one daughter


I have traveled to many countries, often worked abroad and lived in Italy near Venice for a few years.

My hobbies are: travelling, getting to know foreign cultures, reading, cooking, eating well, hiking, jogging, inline skating, meditation, yoga, having good conversations, taking photos, playing on my handpan,_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_write,

Making natural cosmetics, gardening, personal development, enjoying life.

My strengths are: great Ayurveda knowledge and Ayurveda experience, I am sensitive and I have a  good knowledge of human nature, meanwhile a lot of life experience, I am_cc781905-5cde-6194-bb3b58cf58d_badunderstanding and a good listener.

I am brave and faithful and interested in spiritual advancement.

I have been living with my family in Au in the beautiful St. Gallen Rhine Valley for several years.
I also run my Ayurveda practice here.

Ayurveda has become my life.
With Ayurveda I have my severe burnout/exhaustion depression, 
that paralyzed me for about 5 years.

My breakdown back then was a very drastic, healing and instructive experience for me.

Torn from life completely, simply paralyzed, for several years.

Time suddenly stood still for me. 

My soul was forcing my body to take a long break in a very brutal way and I was forced to focus solely on myself and my life. 

In this very difficult and dark time for me, I found Ayurveda and that was my salvation!

Today I live more consciously, happier, more mindfully and healthier than before.
I have learned to set healthy boundaries and to listen to myself and my feelings.


My training:

I originally come from sales, but then life had completely different plans for me!
Apprenticeship as a retail clerk 
Learned the art of making Murano glass in Venice/Italy
Certified wellness trainer, Innsbruck Sports University/Austria
Disabled Instructor, Sports Academy Innsbruck/Austria
Basic training UNIQA VitalCoach,Vienna/Austria
Qualified personal trainer, Starnberg/Germany
Ayurvedic cook, Gabriel Simon-Pinero cooking school, Waltenhofen/Germany
Ayurveda Specialist, European Academy for Ayurveda, Lucerne/Switzerland
Study trip Ayurveda Dietetics and Phytotherapy, Tilak Ayurveda College, Pune/India
​Ayurveda therapy study trip, Dr. Joshi, Kerala Institute/India
Conventional Medicine, Academy for Kinesiology and Medicine, Lindau/Germany

Client-Centered Interaction, Academy for Kinesiology and Medicine, Lindau/Germany

Interaction and Communication, Academy for Kinesiology and Medicine, Lindau/Germany

Client care and self-management, Academy for Kinesiology and Medicine, Lindau/Germany

In training as an Ayurveda complementary therapist with federal diploma, Lucerne/Switzerland

My professional career:

Retail clerk, Spittal/Austria
Decoration Murano glass, Venice/Italy
Management and coordination of fundraising projects in Austria and Germany
Vital Coach in cooperation with UNIQA Insurance, Austria
Opening of Ayurveda studio/practice, Au/Switzerland

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