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Practice for AYURVEDA therapy 

The space to feel good, the space for Ayurveda health!

It is very important to me that you feel comfortable with me and in my practice.
That you trust me, my experience and my competence as an Ayurveda therapist and that you feel in good hands with the treatments, nutritional advice and discussions!

Ayurveda treatments are not conventional massages as we know them.
Ayurveda looks at people individually and holistically and so I will, of course after consultation with you, use a very individual treatment method with special oils and substances. 

This is how I can address your dosha or your doshsa imbalance and your concerns or complaints


There are enough parking spaces under the Ayurveda practice. When you have parked, you can already see the practice, it is the small white cube with the large window front.

Please then take the castle stairs on the far left and after a few very steep steps you have arrived at my entrance on the right!


Ayurveda treatments, nutritional advice and coaching only take place on request or by appointment. 


Thank you for your trust in me!

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