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Ayurveda does not see health as a static condition, but as a dynamic process.
Behind every illness lies an imbalance of the doshas.
In Ayurvedic medicine, there are six stages that every imbalance goes through.
Ideally, a disease is recognized in the first stage. There, of course, it is the easiest way to balance it out again.
Our diet, lifestyle and mental state play a crucial role in the development of diseases.

Health insurance recognized. ZSR no. U350563
Please clarify with your health insurance company whether the Ayurveda treatments are covered by your supplementary insurance!

The duration of the treatments varies depending on the application, complaint and constitution and is defined jointly in advance.

Tariff: CHF 120.00 / hour

Special treatments require additional material. For this I charge a material surcharge

from CHF 15.00.

ayurvedic treatments - the healing touches

The main goals of my therapeutic work are:

* Eliminate causes
* initiate the healing process
* Restoring the ability to self-regulate
* Stimulating the self-healing powers and the immunity of the organism
* Promotion of self-awareness and self-responsibility by becoming aware of your own strengths,
   Weaknesses and needs

Ayurvedic massages include various forms of treatment used in Ayurvedic medicine and health care.
Oilings, artful grips and forms of stroking, with a wide variety of substances help people to regain health and strength.

They give vitality and joy and bring body, mind and soul back into balance.

Pristhabhyanga - the Ayurvedic back massage

The most common indications for this versatile manual therapy include:
* Disc regeneration
* Lumbago - popularly called lumbago
* Tension
* Back pain due to tension, a lot of sitting, bad posture
​* Vata imbalance

Padabhyanga - the Ayurvedic foot massage

The foot massage is used for:
* Tiredness and lack of energy
* Sleep disorders
​* Nervousness and buzzing in the head
* It improves vision through the subtle connection of the soles of the feet with the eyes
* Stiffness of the ankles and toes

Mukabhyanga - the Ayurvedic head and face massage

The head and face massage is used for:
* Stress 
​* Overstimulation of the nervous system
* Teeth grinding
* Sleep disorders
In addition, this treatment activates and opens the senses in the head area, it nourishes the scalp and improves hair growth.

Abhyanga - full body - oil massage

This treatment does the following:
* calms the nervous system
* nourishes the tissues, making the body soft and supple
* nourishes the joints and relaxes the muscles
* balances all 3 doshas and harmonizes in a wonderful way
* Gives security and has an enveloping effect
* emotionally balancing
* increases sensory perception
* stimulates endorphin production

Garshan - revitalizing dry massage

Garshan is a metabolism-stimulating and lymph-stimulating full-body treatment with gloves made of raw silk.
This treatment does the following:
* Circulation of muscles, skin and connective tissue is stimulated
* Toxic substances are released and can be transported away from the body
* Heaviness, listlessness and obesity are reduced
* Stimulating circulation
* makes the skin velvety soft
* detoxifies the body

Khizi massage with herbal stamps 

The herbal stamps are soaked in hot oil and applied to the body by tapping and firm strokes.

This is what the treatment does:
* metabolism stimulating

* releases energy blockages
* purifying, detoxifying
* promotes the flow of lymph
* is used for cell renewal and vitalization
* as pain therapy for nerve and joint problems
* helps against heaviness and stiffness in the body
* activates Agni (digestive fire)

Kati Basti - local herbal oil bath in a dough ring made from chickpea flour
In order for this treatment to be fully effective, I recommend doing it at least 3 to 7 times in a row. Highly effective, warm, medicated oils are used, which penetrate into deeper structures due to their long (local) exposure time, in order to be able to achieve their healing effect. 
This treatment does the following:
pain relieving
* Tissue building and strengthening
* Tissue nourishing and regenerating
* anti-inflammatory
* Disc herniation/disc regeneration
* Sciatica
* nerve pain
* Whiplash
* Vertebral blockages
* Scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis

Shiro Dhara - Oil Forehead Pouring
Only bookable in a 3-person subscription and only after consultation with a doctor.

In this therapy I work with about 1.5 liters of medicated oil.

Approx. 25 to 50 minutes forehead oil pouring.

Cost for the medicated Oil approx. CHF 120.00

The body is always oiled beforehand.

This treatment does the following:
* Relief from insomnia

* Poor concentration

* inner unrest

* mental disorders
* Can lead to a very deep and relaxed state
* reduces stress and headaches
* Calms the nervous system in an incredibly relaxing way

Heart - Dhara, local oil treatment on the heart area
So that the effectiveness of this treatment can develop fully, I recommend doing it at least 7 times in a row.​ Highly effective warm, medicated oils are used, which penetrate into deeper structures due to their long (local) exposure time. in order to achieve their healing effect. 

I recommend this treatment:
* with blocked feelings 
* to open the heart chakra 
* in grief
* when angry
* in case of anxiety 
The Heart Dhara is also ideal for people who are in psychotherapy and have the feeling that they are standing still and not making any progress. The Heart Dhara can solve many a stagnation on the body level.

Herbal steam bath to support the elimination of toxins.
The body is always oiled beforehand.

This treatment does the following:
* Relieves joint stiffness and muscle tension.
* opens the bronchi and cleans the lungs
* acts against heaviness and coldness of the body
* Srotas (body channels) are opened and cleaned 

Akshitharpana - eye herbal oil bath in a dough ring made from chickpea flour
I use this treatment to strengthen my eyes. The eyes are bathed in liquid ghee.
An effective therapy for the growing number of people suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome. 

That causes this treatment: 
* supplies the Aeyes  with necessary nutrients and moisture
* strengthens the eye muscle and relieves it
* Prevents eye infections
* relieves burning in the eye as well as eye pain
* to remove foreign particles such as dust, dirt and bacteria
* improves eyesight
* Conveys a feeling of lightness around  the eye area and serves to relax the mind
* reduces dark circles


Ayurvedic nutritional advice

Disease patterns can be positively influenced, especially with nutrition, because the subtle properties of our food play a major role!

They affect our mental state, our thinking and our cognitive processes.

But also our behavior, as well as our positive and negative emotions.

food  can cool us when we have stored too much heat in the body and they can warm us up when we are freezing from the inside out.

It is important that the diet is individual, adapted to the dosha, compatible, does not burden our organism and nourishes our body well.

The digestive fire "Agni" should always work well so that the food we eat can always be optimally metabolized!

Even small changes in food intake can make a big difference!

Hyperacidity, heartburn, attacks of sweet hunger and bloated bellies will disappear over time.

Digestive disorders, lack of energy, tiredness, weight problems, skin rashes, headaches, inner restlessness, depression and sleep disorders can be dealt with with individual Ayurvedic nutrition.

I am at your disposal for nutritional advice. In this unit, we determine your dosha, if any, your dosha imbalance and work together to develop a dosha-fair nutrition plan for you that can be easily integrated into your everyday life.

Tariff: CHF 120.00 / hour

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